Richard is exceptional. In 2.5 years of dog walking he has never canceled a walk or said no to last minute needs. He has never raised his prices and he always comes on time. He walks our dog Libby who is aggressive with other dogs and has handled her so well- she loves him. He also cat sits for us when we leave town and goes above and beyond, stopping by our house in the morning and evening to let our cat in and out so she can get some fresh air. He has been so important to the health and happiness of our pets, we think of him as family!


     I’m so glad we found Richard to take care of our Yorkie - Pom Rico Puff. Rico instantly liked Richard and I could tell he would take good care of him. Richards been super responsive, easy to work with, and above all he’s there when you need him. Please don’t hesitate to call him to watch your pup. He’s sincerely an amazing human. Thanks Richard!

     We are so grateful for the care Richard provides for our sweet dog Elsa. He has been letting her out and taking her on walks every week since she was a puppy. Our schedule changes constantly and I often have to contact Richard at the last minute for a visit. He is extremely flexible, understanding, and always responds immediately. Richard is always available when we need him and we know Elsa is in good hands!


     My cat gets bent out of shape when I'm gone for more than a few days. He usually comes up with creative ways to take it out on my apartment. After 10 days on Richard's watch, though, Socko was no more ornery than usual and my place was no worse off than it normally is. Heck, Richard even got him to try wet food. It was clear that the four-legger got some good attention while I was gone!


Quality Excellent

     Richard watches our two cats every time we go out of town! He's reliable, great with the cats, they are happy to stay at home, and his rates are affordable. When we come back, the cats are happy and the litter boxes are clean. We are very happy with the service that Sunnyside Home Pet Care provides and recommend Richard to anyone looking for a pet sitter."



     I have counted on Richard with Sunnyside Home Pet Care for my pet sitting needs for almost two years. He is extremely reliable, trustworthy and kind. He spends quality time with each kitty and tries his hardest to learn each of their personalities and specific needs. I always feel good about leaving my kitties in Richards care, and because of his exceptional service I have noticed that when I return they are in high spirits, which speaks volumes. The service that Richard provides is priceless.


Extremely satisfied customer,
Kaci Conner

     When I first adopted my puppy, Fluffhead, I felt incredibly guilty for leaving him at home while I was in the office. I told my vet that I was stressed out about affording the rates of most dog walkers, and she immediately recommended Richard's services. Richard came over and hit it off with Fluffhead right away, spoiling him with treats and attention. Since then, Richard has come in two or three times a week, unfailingly responsible, flexible, and friendly. Even when I email him the same morning asking for a walk, he always makes time in his schedule. Lastly, I can tell that he really cares about Fluffhead...for the first couple of weeks he would text me about their walks, letting me know that all was well. I feel so lucky to have him in my neighborhood, and I know Fluffhead feels the same way!

Dana Guterman

    Richard has been an absolute godsend and I cannot recommend him highly enough. I moved to Portland and was lucky enough to find Richard in the Sunnyside neighborhood. Before moving to Portland, my older dog would go to work with me daily and in coming to Portland for a new job, my dog, Marley, now would have to be left at home for long days...that is until I found Richard. Richard has since walked my precious Marley consistently every work day for about a year and half. Richard goes above and beyond and if I need to work late or need help on the weekend, Richard always there to help. Sadly, I am moving out of state and I wish I could take Richard with me because he is simply that great. He has an innate ability to connect with animals and I trust him with not only my most precious friend but also my home. Richard is affordable, reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. Overall, the Sunnyside neighborhood has an absolute gem in Richard.

Tina  Welch

     Richard Weiss is a kind, patient and gentle man, and animals know it - even my neurotic border collie/pointer mix Sam who barks furiously at strangers and can be quite intimidating. He eventually warmed up to Richard, thanks to Richard's willingness to go the extra mile. The first time he walked Sam without me, he had to sit and talk in a soft voice for a LONG time until Sam let him put the leash on. This is a dog for whom food is not a big motivator, so he couldn't rely on the old hot-dog trick to win his heart.

It gives me peace of mind to know that Sam is getting lots of love and long walks when I'm away. He is also well-organized and professional, and more than willing to take on the "tough cases" like my beloved but neurotic rescue dog.  Plus he uses biodegradable poop bags!

Ruth Mullen

     Richard has been walking my two dogs for three months now. He is always willing to walk my dogs even when contacted on the same day I need his services. He is reliable and best of all my dogs adore him and are always happy to see him. I would recommend Richard to anyone who wants assurance that he will go the extra mile to care for your animals.‎

Kevin Gibson

The Best Dog Walker Anyone Could Want‎‎

     Richard takes care of my two dogs (an elderly shi-tzu & lively chocolate lab mix) when I have to work long days or go away for the weekend. He is affordable and always available, even on short notice, and spoils my dogs with treats and love. When we see him around the neighborhood they always jump for joy. I highly recommend  Sunnyside Home Pet Care.‎

Christy Zeringue

Flexible, responsible neighborhood dog walker

      If my elderly lab mix could talk, she'd probably say that Richard Weiss is her best pal! We were thrilled to find an affordable dog walker in our neighborhood, and even more thrilled to see what a wonderful manner Richard has with dogs. He's also incredibly responsible, from wiping dirty paws to storing emergency contacts. We love coming home to a happy dog and full water bowl -- sure signs that Tia has enjoyed another lovely outing with Richard. You won't find another pet expert this affordable, flexible and friendly.‎

Laura Oppenheimer Odom


4 paws up for Richard Weiss!

    I have known Richard for the past 7 + years. While living in the Sunnyside neighborhood he was our "go to guy" when we needed our most amazing cat, Mister, to be sat. We were never disappointed with his services and in fact would worry that Mister was so spoiled with love, attention, and treats by Richard that he may forget who we were. Luckily, that never happened. Our dear Mister cat has since passed and we have moved out of the neighborhood... However, we still come by to visit with Richard- who has become our friend. We now come by with our adorable dog Ted and somehow Richard always has treats on hand for him just like he used to for Mister... Those who use Richard's services will not be disappointed and their animals will be treated like royalty guaranteed.‎

Shannon O’Melia

     I am pleased to recommend Richard Weiss as a dog walker and cat sitter.
Richard sat for my cat Idgie on several occasions while I was out of town. Every time she would see him she cooed, which to me says that she adored him and he took very good care of her. Richard also looked after my elderly dog Gus during the day while I was away at work. Gus needed very special care and had to be walked at least two times a day. He was always very happy to see Richard, especially because he knew he would get a treat and a few tennis ball tosses.

 Melissa Rath

Reliable, attentive cat care‎‎

     Richard has been cat-sitting my two senior cats for a little less than a year. I've had to make monthly short trips and Richard has alway been able to care for my cats. He's taken the time to make friends with my shy scaredy-cat, and has been a welcoming lap for my other, ill, sweety. I greatly appreciate the little extras he's been able to do for me while I've been away, including taking out the garbage, a quick repair to my drip irrigation system, opening and closing windows, etc. Several times I've needed to call and add a day, and he's always been graciously accommodating. I can rest easy knowing he's keeping an eye on my cats, and I strongly recommend him as a cat-sitter.‎

Deborah Indihar

    I am very pleased to be able to recommend Richard Weiss, a fellow animal lover. I have known Richard for over 4 years.  He has provided care for my two cats on numerous occasions throughout the time I have known him.

     Richard has a very genuine love for cats and dogs.  Not only has he watched over my cats for planned absences, he has also helped to check on them when I am in a bind.  I know I can always rely on him to ensure my pets are well taken care of and that he doesn’t just feed and water them, he takes time to give them attention so they do not feel abandoned when I am gone.  When I return home, my cats are always content and my home is always safe and just as I left it. Richard is reliable, very trustworthy and is very, very good with animals.

Carrie Buttke

     I am happy to recommend Richard Weiss should you be considering letting him care for you pet.  I have lived in the Condon Court Apartments, which he manages, for over a year.  When I moved in, he agreed to allow my 7 year old yellow lab, Sayre, to come with me though it is normally a “no dogs” complex.  He fell in love with Sayre and when she got cancer in November, he offered to check on her while I was at work, and even began walking her multiple times a day without solicitation.  Richard was always ready with a dog treat and Sayre loved the time she spent with him.
     Richard is one of the biggest animal lovers I have ever met.   He has 2 cats of his own and unofficially cares for the many, many cats that live at Condon Court, and even some who don’t.  He recently took in a stray kitten and arranged for him to be neutered and vaccinated before adopting him out to a good home. 

     I would encourage you to hire Richard to walk your dogs, feed your cats, hang out with your hamsters, or fulfill any other pet care needs you might have.

Kami White

     I have known Richard Weiss for four years, and during that time, he has pet-sat my three cats Otis, Reggie, and Teddy multiple times.  Richard loves all animals but has a special way with cats.  He does all of the required things like changing water, cleaning litter boxes, and feeding, but he also spends time with each cat in a manner that fits the kitty's personality.  He is patient and quiet with my shy cat, plays games with my active cat, and treats my big tom cat with delicious wet food, which for Teddy is the feline equivalent of Ben & Jerry's!

     As a veterinary employee, I have high standards, and there are few people I would trust to care for my precious babies.  I feel comfortable with Richard in my apartment and am confident that he will visit them daily and follow my special instructions.  I highly recommend Richard as a pet-sitter.

Renee Mako

Richard is great!  I highly recommend Sunnyside Home Pet Care.  He comes to our house on short notice and takes care of  our pets.  He is very responsible and even finds substitute pet walkers for our dog at no extra cost when he can not make it.  He is also great at communicating any issues that come up.  We trust him with our dog and recommend him to all of our friends.




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